Fireworks by the Lake

These beautiful photos were taken with a cell phone. She didn’t alter them in any way. Amazing. Fireworks started earlier than 9pm in [...]

Disneyland Fireworks from Marriott Courtyard

  We are stayed at the Marriott Courtyard in Anaheim, California. A few minutes before the Disneyland fireworks were to start, Jenny an [...]

Plane Crashes on the 15 Freeway

   A small plane crashed onto a car on a highway north of San Diego Saturday, killing one person and injuring five others, th [...]

Il Volo

I took my nine-year-old daughter to see Il Volo in Temecula, Ca. They spoke italian, spanish and english. Their show reminded me of the back [...]

Praying Mantis on Easter Sunday

Jenny found this cute little Praying Mantis while hunting for Easter eggs. We took a pic of him on a penny so you can see how tiny he is! [...]

Batman v. Superman ~SPOILERS~

We bought our tickets and reserved our seats the day it went on sale. The movie started at 6:30pm on a school night, but tomorrow is the las [...]

Chair Makeover

There are claw marks from cats and a dog in our furniture…  there are holes that are the size of my daughter’s finger, because she poke [...]

Punk Rock Girl Hair Clip

I used a cute ribbon to make a rose for my daughter.  The skulls aren’t creepy when it’s on hot pink and a ribbon rose.  So I figured [...]

Stair Landing with a View

I spray painted this set I bought at a thrift store. It was originally a dull gold color. It’s a great focal point on the way up the stair [...]

Aldi Shopping Experience

My fellow mama, Hengly was on her way to Petco, when she noticed people were going inside Aldi’s. They have not officially opened yet, [...]

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit – First Time

We decided to try Dickey’s Barbecue Pit for the first time. It recently opened up in Lake Elsinore near Marketplace Dental off Central [...]

Aldi Lake Elsinore Coming Soon

My husband used to live in Germany and shopped at this store.  Aldi’s website doesn’t list Lake Elsinore as one of their locat [...]

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit in Lake Elsinore

Today was opening day and they had a nice long line. I’m happy to see a successful business in our town. Congrats Dickey’s! Here [...]

Earthquake in Lake Elsinore

The house made a loud cracking noise. Felt the aftershock, too. Lee said he felt something just before I felt it. [...]

Rice Canyon Drill Team

Rice Canyon Raptors! The Drill performed their school song on the last day before Winter Break. It was so cold, I don’t know how they [...]


Goodnight Bloodmoon, Lake Elsinore! I took this pic from my balcony. [...]

A Hiker Died in Lake Elsinore?

UPDATE: As of 09/18/15, The coroner finally released something. There is much speculation as to what could have happened to a body that was [...]

Drone Hovering Over My House

As I waved goodbye to my husband in our driveway, the drone still hadn’t moved. It had been there from the time my husband packed t [...]

Accident near Lincoln and Grand

I hope everyone is okay. Other than the police vehicles and fire truck, I only saw a damaged green motorcycle on the street and a damaged ca [...]

Ortega Fire

You can see it from Diamond Exit off the 15. It’s small and fuzzy, but so scary to see the red. I hope everyone is going to be okay. T [...]

Happy New Year 2015

This time I remembered to put her boots on. [...]

Morning Snow

Such a beautiful way to ring in the New Year! [...]

Snow in Lake Elsinore

It’s a beautiful day in Lake Elsinore! [...]

Made With Love

The silver charm was treated with white paint so it could be read more easily. [...]

13-Minute Rose

Pencil and Markers. [...]

Turn a Frame into a Hair Clip Organizer

    I made a bunch of bows that you can color coordinate with.  The base bows are the solid hot pink, white and black ones in the mid [...]

Paper Bunny with a Jeweled Cupcake

I made this tear bear bunny, but the cupcake was the funnest part.  I used glue for the frosting and a red jewel for the cherry.  I don [...]

A Single Rose

I normally don’t like putting stems on my roses, but this was an exception.  I’m not sure why. [...]

UMI Sushi and Oyster Bar in Temecula

I went it UMI for the first time. A lady came to ask if I wanted bottled water and I said I’ll have a Roy Rogers and a Shirley Temple. [...]

Sunset Rose

 This was painted with acrylics onto canvas.  Approximately 16″x16″. This is part of the 5 Element Series. 5 Elements: Earth ( [...]

A Rose a Day

A Rose A Day Keeps the Doctor Away…  I don’t like using markers, but they are easier to travel with…  I don’t trus [...]

My 39th Birthday

Thanks for the best birthday ever!  It makes turning 39 no big deal.  Oh wait, I’m sad again.  haha [...]

Barbecue Bears

I had fun making this scrapbooking layout with a barbecue theme.  I handmade these cute bears. [...]

Embroidered Birdcage

I used my Husqvarna Viking to embroider this pillow.  I cut an old bed pillow in half and used it for stuffing. [...]


I made this with mulberry paper and faux fur. [...]

Candle in the Sky

I painted this with acrylics.  Inspired by the five elements.  Earth, fire, air, water and Spirit is the person viewing it. [...]


This painting is made with acrylics, inspired by the five elements. [...]

Princess Tear Bear

I made this scrapbooking layout. [...]
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